Diversifying The Coding Community in Hong Kong Secondary Education

Develop computational thinking and psychosocial skills in teenagers

Welcome message from directors

Computational thinking (CT) is an emerging competence in digital literacy. It qualifies our new generation of youth in solving problems in our technology economy this century. Coding is central for students to develop CT and become effective computational thinkers. Learning how to code is now more affordable and accessible than ever with advanced learning technologies. However, students need to learn to solve problems in their social context and apply coding skills beyond school. With most people using mobile technology in our society, opportunities abound for students to contribute to their communities and care for those around them by applying their coding skills.For coding skills to be employed for social good, it would be best learned and contextualized in a social setting. This is why the Jockey Club Coding for Community  Project emphasizes the importance of engaging students’ coding in a community mentoring scheme based on adult-youth partnership. We hope you will find our Project meaningful through browsing our website and explore ways in which you could join us in our youth’s technology education . . . Read More

Dr. Gary Wong
(The University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Bill Tsang
(Youth Global Network)

Dr. Qiaobing Wu
(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Project Intro

Flexible ICT curriculum that supplements and strengthens schools’ STEM curricula.

Provides social support and capital to students to boost their motivation and confidence through adult-youth partnership scheme.

Institutional and Community Engagement

Promotes relational development and community involvement among students, and through an integrated mentoring scheme, encourages them to solve practical problems within the community creatively.


With rigorous design and implementation, we assess students’ learning outcomes and evaluate the curriculum and the adult-youth partnership scheme. Inter-school project showcase will also be offered to encourage students to exchange new ideas and inspire them to find innovative and optimized solution to community problems, and stimulate them to refine their projects.

What's New

“I believe that this is the guidance from God, which allows me to get along with young people, and to use my own business and counseling experience to help students. In this process, I did encounter a lot of difficulties … Read More

To reinforce the basic computational thinking concepts learned by the students during school closure in semester 2 of 2020, the students were invited to participate in the Code Challenge I: Coding Games Competition … Read More

Service 1 is the first time for mentors and mentees to meet each other, and also participate in a large scale event with around 150 people. Most of the mentors and mentees are so excited and a little bit nervous at the first session … Read More

Most of the mentors and mentees expressed that service 2 is their most favorite service, because they can go out to explore the community and apply the Design Thinking they learnt in class. Before they go to the community … Read More