Code Challenge I: Coding Games Competition

To reinforce the basic computational thinking concepts learned by the students during school closure in semester 2 of 2020, the students were invited to participate in the Code Challenge I: Coding Games Competition so to learn by playing online coding games. 

The students were required to complete the designated game levels in Coding Galaxy in three weeks in April 2020. For those who completed all levels, marks would be given to them. For the top three students who could collect the most stars in the game for each class, they would be rewarded with a $200, $150 and $100 prize respectively. In addition, if students can complete extra game exercises from LightBot, and Blocky Games, extra marks and a $50 prize would be given to them. 

After three weeks, one third of the students from our three participating schools (50 students) had collected more than 100 stars or above in the Coding Galaxy game, or were engaged in the game for more than one hour. The top students were rewarded with the prizes when physical classes resumed school resumed in June 2020.