Code Challenge II: Mentoring through Virtual Means

To encourage the students to apply the Design Thinking framework and to promote holistic care from their mentors to promote psychosocial development, the students were invited to participate in the Code Challenge II: Online Community Exploration and App Competition together with their mentors. 

Through completing three tasks one step at a time in groups with their mentors, the participating students were engaged in the process of Design Thinking: empathizing each other by finding common interest, identifying an “interest point” (a need or issue of concern in the community or with people around), brainstorming different solutions to address the “interest point”, and to implement a feasible solution via app prototype design. All the activities were conducted online in groups with mentors. For the top three groups of students with the best prototype design for each class, they would be rewarded with a $200, $150 and $100 prize respectively.

Students from two schools participated in the challenge. Although not all students finished all the tasks. 86 students were engaged in group activities with their mentors.