Service-1: Introduction & Team Building (Jan 2020)

Service 1 is the first time for mentors and mentees to meet each other, and also participate in a large scale event with around 150 people.

Most of the mentors and mentees are so excited and a little bit nervous at the first session, so we try to reduce their anxiety and facilitate mentors and mentees to build a relationship with each other through introducing the program, what will we do in every service and setup some rules for protecting everyone in this program, and we also prepared some fun and exciting activities for mentors and mentees to know more each other in the first service. 

Besides, we do have a “Precious Time” for mentors and mentees to do what they want and explore what they are interested in, so that to help them create a “together feeling” in it, so hope that mentors and mentees and build a trust and good relationship at the first time.