Everything is worthwhile!

I believe that this is the guidance from God, which allows me to get along with young people, and to use my own business and counseling experience to help students. In this process, I did encounter a lot of difficulties. The most difficult part was how to build relationships with students.

Looking back on the mentoring program last year, I had the opportunity to join the roundtable dinner, to participate in services with my student mentees, and to arrange gatherings by myself. It was easier to establish a relationship, to share learning problems and life directions with my mentees back then.

In this year’s mentoring program, coupled with social events and the epidemic, so far we (mentors) do not have the opportunity to meet with our student mentees to build relationships. We are only relying on WhatsApp contact. Of course, the effect is not ideal. However, during this period, the project has arranged some targeted training for us on using different methods such as computer technology and games to communicate with the student mentees.

From the training, I learned new digital technology and how to get along with young people of Generation Z. I also learned to be patient, which requires even more patient and effort than working in the commercial world. Moreover, I believe it is under God’s guidance that He allows me to open up new areas of ministry to serve young people. I feel that the mentoring program is very meaningful and everything is worthwhile!

There are always difficulties, but as long as you move forward in faith, God will lead the way!