I hope I can help students to overcome the difficulties.

This project allows us to participate in activities with young people. There will be training before each activity. In fact, it is of great help to us as mentors, which helps us to understand the process of the activities, and utilize the methods we learnt to interact with students.

In the two services, through game interaction, free time and community exploration, we gradually built relationships with our mentees. Although the time was too short for me to fully understand their situations, we can observe their response, passive or active. Therefore, before they go into the development of their mobile application, it is necessary to mutually understand each other. Later mentors can share the interaction with the training supervisor, and make appropriate arrangements, cooperation, and adjustments for the next activity.

Although the epidemic began to spread in February, the project quickly set up online training and helped mentors to communicate with students more easily through interesting tools and topics. We used mobile phone messages to understand their situations, we asked if our mentees have enough masks, they said, ‘I have a lot!” And asked us back, “Do you need some?”. From a simple conversation, we know that being cared for can fulfill their needs. I hope I can help students to overcome the difficulties under the epidemic through some interaction.