Service-2: Community Visit (Jan 2020)

Most of the mentors and mentees expressed that service 2 is their most favorite service, because they can go out to explore the community and apply the Design Thinking they learnt in class. Before they go to the community, each mentor-mentee group will get a target they need to empathize with, for example waiters/waitresses, hawkers, cleaner, etc. in the community. Each group needs to discuss what questions they will ask the target for getting information to understand their needs, the situation that the target is facing, so that they can think of an app for them to help them. One of the groups found that there is a restaurant in the community that will give a free meal for elder people on each Wednesday , but not many people know about this. The mentee was inspired by a mentor that, elder people may face the decline of their memory, so that they may forget there is a free meal on every Wednesday. After the inspiration, the mentee brainstorm how to help the elder people to remember to get a free meal on each Wednesday, and they try to make an app with notification on each wednesday to remind those elder people to get a free meal. And this group also made a real app at last.